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The Best Photography Tours in the Moab Area

Tom Till Tours in Moab, Utah, is your source for the best photography tours in the area. We provide access to well known sites as well as trips to little known gems of canyon country. Take pictures of the beautiful wildflowers during the day, and go on a night tour for breathtaking after-dark shots. Our guides also include seasonal tours to take advantage of how the landscape changes throughout the year.

Join Tom Till or Dan Norris for a personalized photo experience in the spectacular Canyon Country surrounding Moab, Utah. We offer hands-on instruction in the field and tailor your experience to teach the techniques you want to learn in locations that you dream of.

Suggested Special Interest Photo Tours

• Night Photography
• Little known gems of the Canyon Country
• Wildflowers (in season)
• Fall Colors in the Canyons and on the La Sal Mountains
• Ancient Rock Art and Ruins
• Recreating Images
• Aerial Photography (Helicopter and Fixed Wing)
• Drone Photography
• Film Photography
• 4x5 and Medium Format Photography

Private Custom Tours

We offer private tours for small groups or individuals with no more than 4 per guide. We request your input so we can provide the type of photo experience you are looking for. Let us know ahead of time your physical abilities, any specific preferences you may have for locations or subjects and any techniques you would like to learn and we'll take you to the locations that best suit you. 

Full-Day Tours

• Sunrise AND Sunset Sessions totaling 8-9 hours

• This tour is both sunrise and sunset with a mid-day break so you can have lunch, shop, or take a nap before we pick you up for the sunset tour. 

• $595 for first person, $395 for each additional photographer (maximum of 4)
• Accompanying non-photographers $195

Half-Day Tours

• Sunrise OR Sunset Session totaling 4-4.5 hours

• Sunrise : We meet you an hour or more before sunrise to ensure we arrive at our destination in plenty of time to set up for sunrise. After sunrise, we'll take you to more locations while the morning light is good. We provide light snacks and beverages.

• Sunset: We meet you 2-3 hours before sunset, stopping to shoot several places along the way to our sunset location. We will usually return to Moab about an hour after sunset, but you will have the option of starting later and staying for night photos. We will teach you light painting and how to capture constellations, star trails and the Milky Way, if it is visible. On sunset tours we will have snacks, but we recommend that you eat your evening meal before we pick you up. We will always have bottled water. 

•  $345 for first person, $245 for each additional photographer (maximum of 4)
•  Accompanying non-photographers: $125

Multi-Day Tours

• Any tours 3+ days are offered at reduced rates!

Client cancellations must be in writing, and payments that were already made can be applied to a future tour date. Refunds are not offered, as we likely had to turn other clients away. In the event that Tom Till Tours cancels the tour, refunds are available. Please keep in mind that we do not cancel for bad weather. Bad weather makes good photos! We encourage our clients to purchase travel insurance to guard against unforeseen events causing a cancellation.

Great View of Canyons Mountain with Ice Cap Mountain Reflection on a Body of Water Stunning View of a Waterfall Balanced Rock Against the Milky Way

Behind the Rocks of the La Sals Courthouse Reflections Marlboro Panorama Rainbow on Garden of Eden